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HAFNER Pneumatik: Your expert for pneumatic valves for commercial vehicle applications

HAFNER products are an integral part of commercial vehicle applications. They can be used in anything from PTO valves for bottom loading systems to complex axle lift controls.


Some technical features make HAFNER valves especially valuable in commercial vehicles:


  • Applicable for temperatures as low as -50°C
  • Robust design
  • High flow with a compact design
  • Maximum sealing efficiency at low pressure
  • Solenoid valves for battery applications, also with 6V DC
  • Solenoid valves up to IP67 protection

To cover the electrical requirements in mobile applications, we offer a wide range of industry/ISO-standardised coils and connectors, such as a coil with M12x1 connection.

Standard Coil Industry form B

Polyamide or Epoxy

Coil DIN B Polyamide                                

Coil M12x1

Epoxy and LED

 standard spule  spule poyamid  spule epoxy




Connector black

IP 65

Connector with varistor + LED

IP 65

Connector with moulded cable + varistor
+ LED IP 67

 stecker  stecker led  stecker mit kabel

pto ventil  

PTO (power take-off) valves

With their compact design, interchangeability & customized manifold system, HAFNER BHP valves are ideal for use in bottom loading systems.

The valves are equipped with an additional pneumatic reset port. This port is often used as a safety connection to ensure that the valve is closed after refuelling.


The valves can be offered with 4 mm and 6 mm push-in fittings. Available knob colours are black, red, green, yellow and blue.



Solenoid valves for road sweepers

A small 5/2-way base-mounted valve specifically designed for road sweepers. The valve can withstand temperatures of up to +80°C and offers a low power consumption of 2 watts only.


Hand-lever valve for bin-lifting controls

A 5/2-way hand-lever valve with nut for panel mounting, rubber gaiter and modified lever.

Used in refuse collection vehicles to operate double-acting cylinders.




Manifolds and valve terminals for firefighting vehicles

For manufacturers of both airport crash tender vehicles and domestic firefighting vehicles we supply various bespoke manifold systems and valve terminals.



Valves to control the hook on skip handler trucks

Solenoid valves for temperatures as low as -50°C, used to control the hook and latch on skip handler trucks.

Equipped with 24V DC Form A coil with 2-watt power consumption.



 tt ventile       

Low-temperature valves

The series “HAFNER on the Rocks” was designed for low temperature applications down to -50°C and is therefore ideally suited for commercial vehicle manufacturers whose export markets include countries with very cold regions, such as Russia or Canada.

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